I was shopping for wine the other day (I do that a lot.). It’s rosé season, thank the universe! I know I like the paler shades versus the pinker ones because they are dryer. So, that boils it down to price. Why is one $9.99 and another $19.99? Damn you Sofia Coppola and your gorgeous shade and bottle! Not willing to be a sucker for a marketing, I purchased the cheaper wine. That, and, well, it’s cheaper dammit. You know what? I loved every last sip. I don’t believe I would have enjoyed Sophia’s brand better because I spent more. In fact, I might have liked it a little less thinking about what a sheep I was.

Moral of the story, know your value and what is valuable to you.

  • I value honesty, even if it ain’t pretty or what I want to hear. It helps me trust you.
  • I value experiences over things. In fact, things weigh me down. Want anything? Come over, I’ll likely give it to you. One less thing to move or dust.
  • I value my time, and your time too. I don’t care if we’re at a taco truck eating on the street curb or dressed fancy at a table with a linen cloth. I care that we’re eating tacos.
  • I value frizz-free hair. I’ll pay for that shit.
  • I value the opinions of those I’ve grown to trust. Doesn’t mean I’m always going to take your advice,  but I’ll definitely weigh your words carefully.
  • I value animals. If I ever witness someone being unkind to their pet, they will get yelled at.
  • I value the happiness of others. I won’t do anything to knowingly detract from anyone’s good time.
  • I value affection from those I like and love. I am a hugger, but don’t feel the need to hug strangers. If you feel that need, I’ll give it to you.
  • I value the art of listening. I like the quote, “We have two ears and one mouth for a reason.” ~ Epictetus
  • I value hard work. It’s hard, but it pays off.
  • I value commitment. Every good thing I have is a benefit of commitment.

Man, I could go on, but that’s sufficient. Like I said, I value time.



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Through a Different Lens

I got it in my head that I needed some computer glasses to protect my eyes against the harsh blue light emitted via LED screens. So, I bought some, and I look like a cast member of The Matrix when I wear them. The lenses are yellow, therefore altering my view. But once you’ve been wearing the glasses for a few minutes, you quickly adapt to your new vision.

This works everywhere. If you have a difficult situation on your hands, and the way you’re seeing it isn’t bringing about a resolution, switch your lens. This requires you to abandon stubborn tendencies, just saying. If you’re open to that, you have the ability to remove unnecessary suffering from your existence.

Example: You don’t vibe well with your husband’s brother. Yet, he has a very close relationship with his sibling, and brings him around quite a lot. You’re so focused on your aggravation with him being in your house, eating up all your food, and talking at a decibel that would frighten a bear that you miss out on lots of other possibilities. If you feel compelled to hang out when the irritating brother is over watching golf with your husband, change your mind about that. Split. Go run errands, or out with a friend. Or, if you don’t want to leave the house, leave the room. Say hi, and see ya bye. I’m not certain where we got the idea that avoidance is always the wrong decision. Avoiding people, places, and things that cause you the kind of discomfort that isn’t going to help you grow as a human makes sense. Yeah, you can make that decision. We can’t dig everyone, nor they us. And we don’t have to force any specific degree of closeness with anyone.

I have a tattoo on my arm that says, ‘Force nothing, follow instinct, be loving and grateful.” I had to permanently mark my fucking arm to remind me of this. I used to try to force all kinds of shit. Relationships, yoga poses, jobs, even my hair to do what it very much does not wanna. Backing away from that viewpoint saved my sanity. It can save yours too. Muah!

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So You Think You Want to Do a Yoga Teacher Training Program? Let’s Chat!

This is the other question I’m constantly asked. I’m sure many teachers are. Students will reach out either in person or via Facebook and ask if I think they should sign up for a yoga teacher training program. Often, I know the student well, and sometimes I have no idea who they are. But they reach out.

First, there is a lot to consider in coming up with this answer. Second, there are so many people going through yoga teacher training now that the field is downright saturated. It’s not so easy to get hired to teach anymore. But, because of the growing popularity (last stat I read was over 37K people are doing yoga in the U.S.A. alone!), more and more studios are opening, so there are more opportunities than there used to be. It’s basic supply and demand.

The first question to ask yourself is, “Why do you want to do this?” The second question is, “Can you afford it?” That means both money and time. Depending on these answers, there are more questions. Deep down, you probably know if you’re just curious or if you’re serious, but I’m certainly willing to help you figure it out.

If you want to chat further about it, I’m available to consult with you further. Email me at: This service isn’t free, but it’s damn cheap. Hit me up if you want more guidance. Muah!

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Sharing Music Playlists for Yoga Classes

Spotify has been a game-changer for developing playlists for yoga classes. I love Pandora, but you can’t make playlists via the service. I went as far as writing to them and asking if this is a service they ever plan to offer. They don’t, but damn is their customer service superior. They even sent me a t-shirt after I let them know I’d cancelled my paid service. Classy.

All of my playlists are currently public. I’ve written several articles about this subject, including one on how to develop a yoga playlist. You can read it right here.

Now, it’s straight-up annoying if you hear the same shit in everyone’s classes, right? I’ve been so distracted in certain classes, thinking, “Man, practically every song I’m hearing is on one playlist of mine or another.” This simply informs me I need to up my fucking game, yo.

So, I’m constantly on the search. My dilemma is, do I continue to make my playlists public? I love sharing music, but I don’t want to be a copy-cat, and I certainly don’t want to hear my playlists in other’s classes in my community.

It’s a compliment if others appreciate what you’ve compiled. No doubt. But I personally don’t want to teach to playlists I’ve not compiled myself. I’ve done it, and not nearly as well as I teach when I’ve lovingly hand-picking songs that move me.



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Nine Things You Should Know If You Want to Write a Novel

  1. You need an outline. Yes you do.
  2. It’s super fucking hard. Don’t give up. Just don’t.
  3. You will become very protective of your story. Some people won’t like it.
  4. You need a talented editor. Pay for this service unless your bestie does this for a living.
  5. Don’t get attached to a specific piece of dialogue. It just might not work, and you have to deal with that.
  6. Beef up your narrative. It needs sinew. Also amp up your vocabulary.
  7. Get someone very objective to read it. Look for a reader who lives to play devil’s advocate.
  8. Unless you know a literary agent, this is a tough way to go. Consider self-publishing.
  9. If you’re not able or willing to be vulnerable, this shit isn’t going to fly. You have to really put your heart out there. If you play it safe, it’s going to be boring.
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A Few Things That Go On In A Healthy Committed Relationship

  • You have a special ring tone and text alert for your significant other.
  • If you have a weird symptom, and you are not a hypochondriac, they will read as many articles as it takes to try to diagnose you.
  • You really don’t get turned off by their bodily functions.
  • When they have your favorite snack in the house, that counts as foreplay.
  • You have shows you watch together. If the other person watches it without you, that’s some straight up bullshit.
  • They try to take pictures of you that shows you in the best light.
  • When you read an intriguing article, or see a cute picture of an animal, you immediately send it to them.
  • You can tell them like it is, and they respect you for it.
  • They will steal your best lines. Don’t get pissed. It’s a compliment.
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Rosé, You’re The One.

When I was twenty-one, I discovered white zinfindel. The sugary, cheap, very pink wine-like substance was much to my liking. I figured it was way cooler than Boone’s Farm, and I was growing up. I moved to Atlanta when I was twenty-three, and went on a date to a posh restaurant with a sophisticated man of twenty-eight. I thought, yes, this is my new life as a wine expert and sophisticated romance-seeker. I even wore a skirt.

When I ordered white zin, he corrected my choice, telling me it was a bullshit wine. He took over, and I pretended to like the more respectable vino. But I didn’t. It wasn’t sweet enough, and I also didn’t care for the condescending snort retort at hearing me choose something so basic. I was twenty-three, I was way fucking basic!

I visited a friend at her apartment in Chicago, and couldn’t believe how swank and adult it was. Then I saw the boxed wine in her fridge, and internally snorted. How tacky. At least I drank from a bottle.

Over the years I learned that beer didn’t sit well with my digestive tract. Vodka did very bad things and we’ll leave it at that. I couldn’t even sit at the same table with tequila. Most white wines give me a headache. But malbecs and red blends, they were friendly, kind, loving, and held my interest. Finally, I had met my perfect alcoholic mate.

It did occur to me that drinking simply was not my friend. But I dismissed that quickly. I love the taste, smell, and the feeling of a glass in my hand. I even learned the proper way to hold a damn stem glass. Showing initiative is maturity.

About a year ago, I was over at a friend’s visiting. She had a cornicopia of healthy treats laid out as if they were waiting to be photographed for an Instagram feed. I followed her into the kitchen, not sure why, and witnessed, with an almost audible gasp, that she was pouring wine from a BOX. My beautiful, worldy, wide, and poetic friend serving me what could only be slop from a cardboard box. And the design on the box wasn’t even cute. How hard is it to make pretty labels people!?

I smiled, taking my glass, and politely sipped. The sip turned into almost a gulp as I realized how fantastic it was. She schooled me on how boxed wine has come a damn long way, and it’s great because it’s vacuum-sealed, so it lasts for up to a month. We laughed pretty hard at that one, but it was good to know in case I bought a box, and then left for three weeks. I’d have excellent vino just waiting for me to pour from it’s plastic nozzle.

Once I embraced how truly excellent boxed wine is (my fave is Bota Box, just fyi), I began to bitch frequently how one couldn’t find boxed rosé. Yeah, you could find boxed pink wine, but as we’ve well established, that is very much not rosé.

Then, it happened. Last week, my beloved partner Jason came home with, you guessed it, Bota Box Rosé. I’ve decided it now deserves capitalization. And it was everything I hoped. Luckily, I only keep La Croix, Cholula hot sauce, cashew milk, and raddicio in my fridge, so there is plenty of room for my new pet. A lovely summer 2017 will be indeed.



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